Friday, 27 November 2009

The Pudsey Pattern

As promised, I have uploaded a PDF of the Pudsey Outfit pattern to Google Docs. This is the link. This pattern will definitely make clothes for the Build-a-Bear Workshop Pudsey Bear. I haven't compared Pudsey with the other Build-a-Bear Workshop cuddlies, but I imagine that they're all pretty much the same size, so I assume (though do not guarantee) that the pattern will work for all of them. I seem to recall that I had problems printing out my last Google Doc document but that downloading it first enabled it to print out fine. If you have any problems with this, could you leave me a comment and I'll try to sort it out?

The pattern cosists of a Top Front, Top Back, Sleeve, Trousers A and Trousers B (rather unhelpfully, I didn't think to label the Trousers patterns as such...) You will need to add your own seam allowances when you cut out the fabric - I think I used a scant 1cm for mine. The pattern is very basic but easily adapted - I got three very different outfits out of it.

The Top

The Top Front and Back are cut on the fold using a stretchy fabric, although it's easy enough to turn it into a front or back fastening top by adding 3cm or so to the centre front or back seam, and cutting x2 pieces. In that case, the grainline is the centre front or back. I used this pattern to make a sleeveless jersey top, a woven front fastening jacket and two long-sleeved t-shirts, one in jersey and one in fleece. There is a fair amount of ease at the top of the sleeve. I gathered it for one garment and just eased it in on the others.

I also changed the side seam on the boy bears' tops so that there was much less flare. I simply folded the pattern in 2cm or so at the bottom and adjusted the fold along the seam so that there was no fold at the top of the seam. You can add flare and length by cutting and taping.

The Trousers

This is a single-piece trouser pattern but I had to upload it in two pieces because it was too wide to fit on one sheet of A4. You just tape the two pieces together so that the shaded areas overlap each other, and this will give you the single pattern piece required. Cut two of these - I used the back crotch line as the grainline, though it would probably have been better to put the grain perpendicular to the the trousers leg. However, I leave this up to you. On such a tiny garment, it isn't so all-important where the grain falls, especially since your bear is (I assume!) immobile. The pattern looks really odd, I know, but it successfully led to one pair of woven dungarees and one pair of knit trousers, so it does work.

As for sewing the trousers, join the inside seams on both pieces, then turn one inside out and shove the other trouser leg (right side out) down into the inside out trouser leg. You can then do the crotch seam in one go - just as for sewing person-sized trousers. Then finish the waistline and hem according to your fancy.

Pudsey Bear does not have a tail so there is no marking for a tail on the pattern piece. You will have to improvise if your Build-A-Bear cuddly comes with a tail.

Have fun!

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