Thursday, 12 November 2009

The quick & dirty hat & scarf set

Now the weather has turned colder, James has been using my old red fleece scarf for the school bus run. It's big on me, and absolutely swamps him so I idly suggested this morning that I make him a new school scarf in royal blue. "Oh yes." he said, "And can it be yellow?"

Well, I happened to have some yellow fleece stashed away to make a jacket for him for Christmas (shhhh! don't tell him!) and there was more than enough for a hat and scarf set too. OK, he didn't ask for a hat but, in this house, things match. They might not be beautiful, but at least they co-ordinate.

I used the beanie hat pattern from Ottobre 01/07. I have to admit I couldn't make the instructions out at all (if anybody else had more success I'd be really interested to hear about it) and since I wanted a reversible ear-covering beanie, I did a hatchet job on the pattern. An hour's work produced this set. I can't wait to see his face when he sees it! It's times like this that I love being able to sew.

And now I need to crack on and draft some blocks for Pudsey Bear. All will be revealed in the next post...

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