Sunday, 10 January 2010

Swampy the pinafore

After a very productive sewing Saturday, Laura got to wear her new pinafore. And folks, they called it Swampy! Remember that 0.75 I came out past the side seam? It was 0.75cm too much!
I put some elastic along the back to try and improve the fit, but it still looks like something made for someone else. From that point of view, it's a failure. However, it will fit her beautifully this time next year! And in the meantime, some parts of it came out very successfully. Like the button placket.
And my day wasn't wasted because I made James a pair of zipped fly trousers. I fumbled the zip a little bit (having read the zipper section in my Threads book after I had completed the trousers!) but you can't tell when they're on. And the rise could do with being lower - the Simon Cowell look doesn't look great on anyone, not even Simon Cowell. But on the whole, they're tremendous! I made the pocket in corduroy so that when James takes his hand out, the pocket bag doesn't creep out, and added buttonhole elastic to the waist. There's a nice deep hem and the cut of the legs really suits my slim boy. In short, I'm thrilled with them! It was so nice going off to Mass today with both my children in completely Mama-made outfits. (Less nice when we had to leave halfway through owing to behaviour of said children but all I will say about that, is that the playroom is now Very Clean.)

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