Saturday, 16 January 2010

Pinafores - 4, Kathryn - 0

What is it with these blasted pinafores? I've made 4 over the last 6 months, and Laura cannot wear a single one. Not one. That's four separate self-drafted patterns, four lots of fabric & notions (OK so none of it was dear, but even so...) and, most importantly, four wasted sewing sessions. Perhaps not completely wasted - I have learned something from each failure, even though it took the last pinafore to make me realise that it was the block that was wrongly drafted, and not the patterns I took from it. Anyway, I'm going to try once more from a properly fitting block but I can't pretend I'm not losing heart. At times like this, when the sewing amour propre is low and you're wondering if you're the only one out there who could stock her shop wtih pressing hams made from her wadders, it's nice to read posts like the Selfish Seamstress's post on 'Ask me how I know'. Or this one from the Slapdash Sewist.

It's hard to post wadders, especially when you feel as though they're mounting up. For example, I made Laura a pinafore today from the old, dodgy block (I'd already cut it out and thought I could fix it with a snip here and there - boy, was I ever wrong there!). I haven't photographed the pinafore even though it had details that were perfectly executed (handstitched pleats, anyone?). The fact is: it didn't fit her and it wouldn't fit anyone who had a semi-normal shape. It's already in the scraps bag and I expect it'll make a lovely pressing ham.

So tonight, I say "thank you" to the lovely seamstresses who post their failures. You give us all hope!
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