Saturday, 5 June 2010

A tribute to knit dresses

I may have mentioned this before but boy, do I love a knit dress. Not for myself or the boys, of course, but for Laura. And who would blame me? They're an all-in-one outfit (great for husbands who occasionally have a problem understanding that cerise trousers may not go with a candy pink top), they can be folded up small to fit into a handbag (a boon during potty-training). They require hardly any ironing, which is always a plus but especially on holiday. They're cool in the summer, cosy in the winter, and they're very very cute. And you can make them - really quite quickly if you're unfussy about finishing seams - without an overlocker. This is quite important to me at the moment because mine is in the shop. Again. But enough of such misery - let's talk knits.

At some stage I'll post a picture of the second knit Harebell I did. In the meantime, this is a dress I put together using the Farbenmix Zoe pattern as a starting point. I added a hood (from Olivia) and attached a circle skirt to the dropped waist. I see a lot of these knit dropped waist dresses around, and I always think 'why skimp on the skirt?' So I didn't. And you should see this baby twirl!

Laura loves butterflies so I appliqued one to the front. It gives the dress something of an air of 'look at all the stuff I can do!' but I was making it for a not-quite 3 year old so I reckon the fashion police will let me off with a caution.

The skirt of this Ottobre dress is definitely on the skimpy side. I used an adult t-shirt to make it - it was £1.50 in Sainsbury's and I loved the fabric so I happily threw it in the trolley only to discover that it was so badly cut as to be unwearable. There was a fair amount of fabric which I thought would transform nicely into the Ottobre knit dress.

I was ambivalent about this pattern; it's another that I felt I ought to like but didn't quite. I was convinced to give it a go by the gorgeous versions created by Tiny from Tiny's Kitchen Table, but I'm not so in love with my own version to try making another. But it's a pattern crossed off the list and it was, until I introduced her to butterflies and circle skirts, Laura's favourite everyday dress.

Now this dress I am not remotely ambivalent about. I love it. The pattern started out life as a woven peasant top, then became a woven dress, and then I did some slashing & spreading and general hacking about, and it became this Gored Peasant Dress. If I put it in the shop I'll try and think of a better name for it! It's a little more sophisticated than my usual fare and I'm not sure if that's entirely down to the fabric. I'll have a better idea once the Patty Young knits arrive and I can try out all these patterns in those gorgeous fabrics. Until then, I have shelves of knits to clear and birthday outfits to make for my boy so I'm hoping that the overlocker comes home soon.


Julia said...

So cute and comfy!

Nicole said...

I love the butterfly dress! How inventive to combine all the different patterns, it looks just great!!

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