Saturday, 4 September 2010

Back to School Sewing, UK-style. Do not adjust your sets!

In theory, I love school uniform. It looks smart, it's non-divisive, and it cuts out a lot of pre-breakfast argumentation. On the other hand, the only fabric UK school uniform comes in this year is poly-viscose. It looks great, it's easy to care for and it feels soooooo yucky to touch.

So over the last two weeks I have made 5 pairs of grey cotton moleskin trousers complete with pockets and fly fronts. The belt loops fell by the wayside for the last 3 pairs though. I tested a couple of Ottobre patterns before settling on the slim-fit version to which I added back-darts because we don't call James 'Bitzer Moloney' for nothing!

Naturally, the sun was splitting the stones at the start of term and there was just one pair of grey shorts in the house, which were left over from last year. They were a bit tight but did him for a day until I knocked up a pair that actually fit.

Laura's uniform consists of a royal blue sweatshirt and black or blue jogging bottoms. I had every intention of buying these but was foiled by the complete dearth of age 2 joggers. So, out with the Ottobre magazines again. I've done 4 black pairs and have a pair of royal blue ones cut out, just to vary the monotony. There was no finessing on these, I can tell you! Only two pairs have pockets and not one pair is beautiful.
I have now officially had enough of dull sewing and am looking forward to the next couple of projects in which black and grey will definitely not be featuring.


Judy Ross said...

Whenever I have to do this type of utilitarian sewing I have to keep chanting to myself that it's saving me money/producing something I cannot buy. It's still tedious, but so satisfying to look at your smartly dressed children and be able to claim credit for their attire!

beangirl said...

Ditto what Judy said. Before the kids started school, I was all for uniforms. Two years in, and I'm now wishing and hoping the principal will drop the uniform policy (our school is one of only three left this year still doing uniforms... word is next year ours will be the ONLY one).

Good work on the "dull" stuff, can't wait to see the next non-grey project.

Joy said...

It's nice your allowed to make your own uniform pieces. And even if all the kids are dressed the same...your kids are still the best dressed, I'm sure!

rhoda said...

Just out of interest which pattern did you use for the jogging bottoms......and where did you find the grey fabric for the trousers? Thanks!

Kathryn said...

Judy - that's my mantra too. And I'd better keep practising it because over here virtually all schools have a uniform and finding cotton trousers is getting harder every year. Joy, I did wonder if the headteacher would object to the cotton moleskin I used but he obviously has more important things to worry about than non-regulation pants. Rhoda - I can't remember which pattern I used. There were two - both from Ottobre and both much simplified. For fabric I got some dark grey cotton moleskin from dcfabrictraders on ebay. It worked out fine but is slightly thick. I also bought some grey cotton/nylon from ukfabricsonline (also ebay). It wasn't how I expected but it's actually very nice. I have a search set up for 'grey cotton fabric' so that I can get updates each week or so. I obviously need to get out more.

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