Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Milo Armadillo

This is just the cutest book by one of my favourite authors, Jan Fearnley. Unlike many of her books, everybody in this one survives right to the end, which is excellent news because Milo Armadillo is completely adorable, as is Tallulah, his owner. They also both have excellent dress sense - very a la Lulu's Clothes (another gorgeous book).
When I saw that Walker Books had published a free downloadable knitting pattern for Milo, I had to have a look at it and as you would expect, it is super-cute. It also looks like a stash-busting project (as long as you've got lots of pink in the stash, that is) and it doesn't squeak or need batteries. I shall definitely be making Laura one of these for Christmas. And if you'd like to make one for your Milo fan, then here is the link.

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