Saturday, 19 September 2009

The t-shirt's so bright you gotta wear shades

I finally got round to using the Tyrrell Katz Working Vehicles fabric in a t-shirt for James. It was made to his specification: yellow, a hood, and diggers. I used the #14 reversible raglan sleeve t-shirt pattern from Ottobre 04/09 in size 110. He's at that irritating stage of being in between sizes so the 110 looks enormous on it, which doesn't add to its beauty. I only did one layer for the t-shirt, apart from the hood, which is double-layered so that the reverse of the digger print fabric isn't on show. Otherwise, it's fairly quick and dirty - I wanted him to have something new for a party this morning so I only spent a couple of hours on it.

It isn't my best work (I will have to fix that wonky pocket or it will forever bug me) but James said it was 'fabberooni' and insisted on wearing it immediately. So I'm happy that he's happy, even if yellow is so not a good colour on him!

Incidentally, if you're in the West Midlands with a train-happy child and want to give a party with a difference, then I thoroughly recommend the model trains at Illshaw Heath. They are pull tiny carriages that the children and adults can perch on for a ride. It was one of the best two hours I have ever spent and the children had to be prised away at the end of the party. So hurray for the Birmingham Society of Model Engineers who operate and maintain all the trains and who made the party so special for the children.

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