Saturday, 10 July 2010


It's been a very busy month. We've had four birthdays, two parties (still trying to work out how that happened), 8 cakes and a lot of sewing. It's a relief to be able to sit down and go through the photos. And here are the highlights..

James' birthday outfit donned for the school fete. The children are bickering over who should drive the fire engine.

James won the argument but let Laura have a go a bit later. You can just catch a glimpse of Laura in Patty Young! I couldn't resist making up just one dress...

A closer view of the dress, still at the fete.

Ottobre's London polo shirt, complete with an appliqued 5. Just in case any of use could forget that James is now 5.

The first party: James' circus party, shared with his best friend. We had Conk the Clown entertain the children and I can't recommend him highly enough. Laura wore her Chasing Fireflies dress, complete with de-wonked hem and insipid pink ribbon. James eschewed the carefully made birthday outfit in favour of last year's stripey shorts and supermarket t-shirt. Pick your battles, folks, pick your battles.

Laura's princess outfit. It started out life as a blouse and pettiskirt but Laura wears her skirts so low, the bottom of the blouse came nowhere near the top of the skirt. So I added a skirt to the blouse and it looks a good deal less like a weather girl's idea of what Cinderella migh wear.

A better view of the Chasing Fireflies dress. I also made the back loops shorter so that it doesn't gape.

We had a Princess & Knights party for Laura. The children could build a sugar-cube castle,

climb around a cardboard castle,

have tea in Ye Olde Tea Tente,

and generally have an absolutely brilliant time. I also made a dragon pinata, which was hugely popular. I'll post pictures in the next post.


Judy Ross said...

Wow that was busy! I love the birthday outfits, but my favourite description was the dress being a weather girl's idea of what a princess would wear! I love the Chasing Fireflies dress - just beautiful.

michal said...

such cute dresses for your little princess! Happy borthdays to you all!

Millie said...

What a hectic time...looks like lots of fun though...pretty dresses too!

Anonymous said...

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